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Good times for everyone 
Time for sports and activities

Mauritius 5 star hotel and spa fitness activities Long Beach Hotel

17 janvier 2014

Get fit the 5 star way at the Long Beach Hotel & Spa in Mauritius

After the excesses of Christmas the thing we dream of most is getting our mind and body back into shape for the coming year. Our ambition is to eliminate the calories and bad habits accumulated during an over-crowded festive period. When we are pounding the machines in the gym we dream of being someplace else – usually anywhere in the world but in a gym in a grey, rain-soaked concrete jungle. This is completely rational when so many of us suffer from seasonal adjustment disorder.

We work out in the gym obsessively, spending our hard-earned cash in an urban box facing a row of anonymous TV monitors drip-feeding us beautiful pictures from across the globe of places we really want to visit.

Meanwhile we try to avoid the invasive mirror on the wall and the reflection that for many represents everything that is wrong about the pursuit of exercise. The treadmill goes steadily round and round and yet are we actually going anywhere ? There must be better ways to manage a healthy lifestyle.

The amount of money we spend on gym memberships (alarmingly some people have more than one) can contribute to a better life spent in line with goals we actually want to achieve.

Swap the gym for the beach

There are alternatives. Why not swap your running machine for a barefoot dawn run on the sands of a beautiful beach on a tropical isle. Why not incorporate a break in the sun with a fitness routine that will leave you not only tanned – but mentally stimulated and healthy too.

After all, what are we getting fit for ? Is it so that we can gaze longingly at a TV screen full of other people leading the kind of lives we want to lead ? This is not a dress rehearsal.

So pack up your yoga mat, the one that always faced the brick wall of the building opposite and unfurl it on the sands of an island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius. Swap our winter for their summer. It comes with a direct sea view and all the sunshine you could possibly desire.

5 star luxury health resort

Treat yourself to a sporty break in the tropical climate of Mauritius to help you get fit. If you want to getaway from the dark skies, rain clouds, and the drudgery of mid-winter blues in 2014, then the Long Beach hotel in Mauritius can provide you with a range of activities on land and sea that will allow you to become fitter, leaner, healthier and generally a great deal more positive.

The activities are as diverse as they are exotic, glamorous and challenging and range from beach tennis to volleyball, aqua aerobics and badminton. There are climbing walls, windsurfing lessons and water skiing. For an added splash you may even find yourself on the water polo team

Indulge in a mid-winter spa break

If yoga brings you inner-peace, then the Long Beach hotel also offers outdoor classes on the green lawns just a few yards from the beach and the crystal clear waters of the sea. Imagine yourself in total harmony with the setting sun and pleasant sea breezes. The temperature averages about 28 degrees… right now. How many laps of the swimming pool do you want to do ?

After a full day spent burning calories, an expert will tease any remaining tension from your muscles as you enjoy a deep tissue massage at the hands of qualified therapists at the Sea Spa attached to the resort.

And if you really need a gym to work out in, there is one of those too – with real sea views where the nearby sound of the ocean will not be provided courtesy of your noise cancelling earphones, but from the actual ocean just a few metres away from where you train. All this is attainable at the Long Beach resort in Mauritius.

Every day you can indulge in a fitness program tailored to suit you, within beautiful tropical gardens. By night you can dine healthily in one of the many excellent restaurants the resort has to offer. Add the 5 star Mauritian cuisine into your diet plan and what you have is your very own paradise retreat where you can relax into your personal cocoon until you are ready to emerge, transformed by the experience into a fit and healthy human being, revitalised and ready to take on the world.

If you have ever said that you need a holiday to get over the Christmas holiday you just had – what better way to get you back into shape than to embark on a mid-winter health break at the Long Beach hotel in Mauritius.

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