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Moreno Cedroni : inventive cuisine

6 octobre 2012

Moreno Cedroni ; an out-of-the-ordinary Italian Chef, he has been awarded 2 stars in the Michelin Guide for his inventive Italian cuisine !

An ambassador for Italian cuisine

Moreno Cedroni nous montre son plat, photo : Sachin Sagar Moreno Cedroni mixes art with cuisine and presents culinary creations that are both surprising and flavoursome. His experiments in the kitchen say arrivederci to pizzas and pasta dishes, the chef concentrates on his avant-garde cuisine that wins him prestigious culinary prizes.

Moreno Cedroni’s “sushi”

Sachin Sagar No, purists don’t like the way he presents the most iconic dishes in Japanese cuisine but the Italian chef’s revisited sushi show off his talent ! The Italian cooking maestro has used sushi to fuse two culinary cultures that are poles apart that, all the same, share their love for gastronomy. The chef successfully combined the exuberant and colourful character of Italy and Japan’s careful discretion…

Chef Moreno at Long Beach

Sachin Sagar Both advisor and technical trainer for the Sapori restaurant, Chef Moreno often visits Long Beach. On his last visit to Long Beach, Mauritius’ new flagship resort, the chef wore a multicoloured apron over his whites and a bandanna in place of a traditional Chef’s hat : a modern touch, welcome in a world defined by tradition. Once you have 2 Michelin Stars under your belt, you can get away with anything !

A question of balance

Sachin Sagar In the Long Beach kitchens, Chef Moreno Cedroni concocted a menu focusing on seafood. Sacréchien (a local fish) with hibiscus flower, tuna and octopus : notoriously difficult ingredients to work with created a harmonious palette of original flavours. For Moreno Cedroni, flavour always comes before creativity. He has a gift for balancing flavours and making the ordinary extraordinary, offering us a delicate and tasty cuisine.

Ordinary/ extraordinary

Sachin Sagar The lucky guests who had the chance to be present at the dinner are still dreaming about the dessert, an Italian classic ! Although used to Chef Sandy’s creations, they couldn’t resist Mr Cedroni’s final course : an extraordinary tiramisu made with an iced coffee mousse that amazed the guests ! His grandmother’s recipe encapsulates the essence of his cuisine, sublimates his creativity and reinvents the traditional with taste !

Photography : Sachin Sagar

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